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Your Perfect Houseboating Vacation

  • Canyon Cabana is Lake Powell's premier luxury shared ownership houseboat.
  • Designed and optimized for Lake Powell conditions and operations.
  • Management and turnaround services are provided by Lake Powell Marina Services.
  • Members enjoy one dedicated peak-season week, plus open-season use as available.

Houseboat Operations

  • Canyon Cabana is moored at Wahweap Marina, Slip B6. 
  • Turnaround is each Friday: check-off at 8 am and check-on at 2 pm. 
  • Turnaround Service is mandatory and charged directly to each Member.
  • Turnaround services include check-on, check-off, inspection, cleaning, pump-out, refueling and propane fill. 
  • Scheduled maintenance and mechanical repairs are performed during the turnaround cycle whenever possible.
  • Professional piloting services are recommended, especially during windy weather. 
  • Piloting can be arranged through Lake Powell Marine.

Mandatory Turnaround Service ensures Member accountability and provides maximum quality time on the water for each owner:

  • Peak-season turnaround is each Friday, unless other arrangements are confirmed in advance.
  • Lake Powell Marine provides inspection, cleaning, pump-out, refueling and propane fill.
  • A wide range of optional services, including piloting is available from Lake Powell Marine.

Maintenance Fees

  • Canyon Cabana LLC annual maintenance fees cover recurring costs of ownership and operation, including moorage, U.S. Coast Guard registration, property taxes, insurance, scheduled maintenance, mechanical repairs, budgeted upgrades and reserves.
  • Maintenance fees are assessed each year on a per share basis according to the operating expense budget prepared by management and approved by the Members at each annual meeting.
  • Annual maintenance fees are subject to adjustment based on budgeted operating expenses and other actual and anticipated costs.
  • Optional use of available open-season time is subject to open-season maintenance fees, as determined from time to time by the Members.