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Canyon Cabana was launched September 2005 and enjoyed its inaugural season in 2006. Canyon Cabana was designed by veteran houseboaters who operated Misbehavin' on Lake Powell from 1989 through 2004. With more than 75 combined seasons of boating experience, the original partners were dedicated to delivering superior comfort, style, functionality and ease of operations while cruising beautiful Lake Powell.

Shares Now Available for Resale

We partnered with Starlite Houseboats to build Canyon Cabana to our custom design and specifications. Canyon Cabana is a fully-equipped 75' x 18', four-bedroom luxury cruiser, with every feature and amenity necessary to support the premier Lake Powell houseboating experience.

Canyon Cabana is owned and operated by Canyon Cabana LLC, a member-managed houseboat owners' company. All of our Members are experienced houseboaters and Lake Powell veterans. We love Lake Powell!

Canyon Cabana is moored at Wahweap Marina Slip B6, which allows convenient check-on/check-off, loading and 6-hour turnaround service. Turnaround, maintenance and piloting services are provided by Lake Powell Marine.

Canyon Cabana shared ownership includes one dedicated week of peak-season use, plus open season use as available among the Members. Although all of the original Canyon Cabana shares have been sold, shares are occasionally available for private resale. See Ownership, or Contact us for more information regarding shares available for resale.

Enjoy the Canyon Cabana video tour: